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Vocaloid is one of the most popular animes among our anime fans. Here we got over eighty anime costumes for you to choose from.

One of the most popular ones from Vocaloid is this Snow Miku Dress Outfit Cosplay Costume which consists of the cape, kimono, headwear and the tie. It is at an affordable price and a great choice for photo shooting.

As a full set, Vocaloid Project DIVA-F 2nd MikuCosplay Costume, made of both clothin and cotton, features in its exquisite design.

VocaloidSenbonSakurasZakuraMikuCosplay Costume Uniform Dress is very popular thanks to its stylistic uniform hat and specially-designed long sleeves. Pink and white are both available.

All of these Vocaloid costumes are at reasonable and affordable prices and they are really worth your try.