CosplaySky's AMAZING Cosplayers

Hello, cosplayers!

Are you interested in our website, and would like to feature us on your personal blogs, Facebook, etc.?

Would you like to spread the word of Cosplaysky and its products? You can get free samples of our products, as long as you meet our requirements!

Please submit your application via email: [email protected]

[Sponsorship processing]


When you submit your application, we will take a look at all your websites, and review them. When you are qualified, we will give you an email confirmation. You can choose one cosplay you are interested in, and we will make it for you.

Making your sponsor product will take a while; it can take around 4-6 weeks depending on the item and time.

When we have completed your request, will let you know by email when we ship the item, and give you a tracking number.Please know that we do not have step-by-step updates on your product!

Once you have received the item(s), please post the reviews and pictures at least within a month. Please give us an email reply with the links to your posts once you have uploaded them, so that we can check it out for ourselves as well!

[Become an official Cosplaysky sponsored cosplayer]


If you wish to become a permanent sponsored cosplayer, then please let us know in the application! If you are qualified, we will let you know by email confirmation. The steps are pretty much the same as the above, but the difference is that you will be featured on our website, with your pictures up and also a link to your main website! You will get more free samples throughout the year, depending on how well our partnership goes.

To qualify as our permanent sponsored cosplayer, you must have your own web domain, and you must be able to take professional photographs and/or videos. This meaning the picture qualities has to be top-notch.

Once you've become a permanent sponsored cosplayer, you will need to have a banner of ours on your website(s) main page that links to us at "".


To become sponsored/advertise our products, we require the cosplayer to have all of the following:


1. Their own website

2. A personal blog, such as Tumblr

3. A Facebook page

4. Be able to take professional photos (or at least very good quality photos)

5. A good fan base

6. YouTube account (optional, look below for further information)

7. Advertise our banner on your website

8. The review should be submitted on all the websites you own, such as your blogs, Facebook, etc.


We prefer the sponsored cosplayer to have a good fan base, and take professional photos.

When you send us your email resume, please include the links to your websites beforehand!

We will be giving you a free sample of one of our products, in return for a positive review. You must include a link to our website, mention our company name, and take professional/good quality photos of you wearing the product. The review should be submitted on all the websites you own, such as your blogs, Facebook, etc. For costumes, we require a good quality, full body picture.

You can also choose to submit a video review of the product. Or do those videos in parts- a first impression unboxing and also a in costume at the shoot impression. For this, we require that you have a solid fan base on YouTube. The video must be a minimum of 2 minutes long, and mention our company name vocally somewhere in the video. The description should include a link to our website, and mention our company name. In the YouTube comments, you must include these following tags: Cosplaysky, Cosplaysky review, Cosplaysky costume review, Cosplaysky cosplay costumes.

Please feel free to add as many tags as you wish (such as tags for yourself) on top of our required ones.